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Teen Wolf Actor Preference #1: (Part One) He Stands You Up


    You were almost finished touching up your make up as you finished putting on your lipstick. You adjusted your blue and black asymmetrical dress and tucked in the last few loose strands into your braid as you moved downstairs to the living room.

        Daniel had been working a lot lately and not only that but he’d been working late and coming home around two in the morning, you already passed out in bed. He’d promised that tonight the two of you would go out and enjoy each other and not think about anything, just the two of you. He was supposed to be home any time now and you two would go out as soon as he changed.

        Ten minutes past and you turned the TV on, waiting for him. You sighed and checked your phone but neither messages nor phone calls were coming through. After a half an hour, you picked up your phone again, calling his phone but only getting his voicemail. “Hi babe, it’s me. You were supposed to be here half an hour ago…call me when you get this. I love you,” you said, hanging up the phone.

        It was now two hours past the time Daniel said he was going to be home and you sighed before slipping your heels off and heading upstairs. You rubbed the makeup off your face and changed your clothes, going to sleep disappointed and upset that Daniel couldn’t at least call you and let you know he wouldn’t make it.


                You arrived at the restaurant ten minutes early, smiling at the hostess who lead you to an empty table at the back. Your black floral dress and black heels matched, your hair done to perfection.  You adjusted your high ponytail as you glanced down at your phone.

                Dylan had promised you a night of amazement after he’d been working so much between Teen Wolf and a few movies. He promised to meet you at the restaurant after filming and he was already fifteen minutes late. Dylan was always late so this didn’t surprise you as your waitress brought over your drink and asked if you wanted to order or wait.

                “I’ll wait, thank you,” you mumbled quietly, a small smile appearing on your face as you glanced at your phone again. Twenty minutes. You let out a sigh before pulling out your phone and send him a text. At the restaurant…where are you? xx

                Next thing you know, it’s three hours past when he said to be there for and the restaurant was now closing. You thanked your waitress before leaving cash, all ten dollars that you had in your wallet, thankful that you’d brought it and started your three mile walk home.


                You smiled to yourself as you whistled happily, cooking in your kitchen. It was yours and Posey’s one year anniversary and you were cooking him a home cooked meal, all of his favorites. He had been working hard, going between Teen Wolf and a few different charities but you knew he wasn’t purposely trying to not be home.

                You hadn’t mentioned anything about the special day, figuring that he’d remember, he was good with that stuff. Always made sure that he got you a gift or atleast sent flowers, but you were a little disappointed when you didn’t get anything from him all day, not even a text.

                You glanced up at the clock, realizing he was twenty minutes late. You smoothed out your white floral dress, trying not to think about it too much but when dinner was ready and set on the table, an hour later…you knew he forgot. You sighed, wrapping up the food and putting his plate next to his wrapped gifts on the table.

                When Tyler finally got home, he walked into a quiet house. He knew immediately that something was wrong and when he saw the gifts on the table with the post-it note that read, “Blankets and pillow are on the couch. Happy one year,” he knew he was in deep shit.


                You sat outside on the bench as you waited for Hoechlin to show up at the movie theater. The two of you hadn’t seen a lot of each other lately because of him working so hard, so he promised you that it would just be the two of you but he was already half an hour late and the movie had long since started.

                You attempted to call him again, angry that he was late. Tyler was never late for anything, if he was ever something it was early. “Tyler, it’s me,” you said, leaving him a message. “It’s a half an hour past and you aren’t here…call me,” you sighed again before pressing end call.

                You shivered harshly, the cold weather getting worse as the night grew later. Your pale tank top and jeans weren’t enough to keep your warm and as you shook lightly you checked your phone. It was now an hour past and you stood up with a sigh as you began to stand up and walk home.

                Just as you were about half way home, you saw a black car driving toward you and stopping, the driver getting out and walking toward you. You shook your head, realizing it was Tyler and continued to walk down the street.

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