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Preference #1: First Time (Stiles)

 “Hey…Stiles,” you mumbled, looking up from his bed that was covered in books. Stiles didn’t respond, to busy reading the content of the book he was holding. You grabbed the eraser of the pencil you had next to you and chucked it lightly at him, hitting him in the face. He still didn’t reply.

            “Stiles, I want to have sex,” you blurted out and Stiles flipped the page of his book. You sighed again, moving onto your knees and pulling off your V-neck, throwing it onto the floor. “Stiles!” you yelled and Stiles folded his page’s corner before sighing and looking up. But instead of being annoyed at the fact that you had interrupted his reading, his mouth fell up open in shock to find you on his bed with no shirt on.

            “Wow…” he stuttered, dropping the book he was holding and staring at you. “What are you…where is your shirt gone?” he mumbled, glancing around the room.

            “Stiles, I’ve been trying to drop hints all day and you haven’t taken any of them. I want to have sex,” you stated and he gulped.

            “Oh, uh…right,” he stuttered out before glancing around and then standing up to walk toward you. He kissed your lips when he got close enough, his hands going straight to your breasts and you moaned out as he touched you.

            Stiles took a deep breath before pushing you back onto the bed, hovering over you as he deepened the kiss, biting your lip gently. Your hands ran through his hair, so happy that he’d finally grown it out. Your hand reached down, palming his erection through his jeans, making him groan and press his hips harder on your hand, trying to cause friction.

            “God Y/N,” he mumbled out, his lips trailing down your jaw to your neck, sucking and licking the skin where your neck meets your shoulder.

            “Stiles, I really love all this te-teasing,” you moaned out as his hand slid inside your shorts and underwear, immediately going to work on your clit as you closed your eyes, train of thought temporarily lost as his brown eyes watching your faces of pleasure, biting his lip at how hot you looked.

            “Oh, oh my god Stiles,” you panted heavily as he rubbed faster and hard at your clit, making your stomach clench. “St-stop,” you groaned as he brought you to the edge and he looked down confused.

            “What? Am I doing something wrong? This is how he did it when I watched that vid-,” you stopped him by pecking him on the lips.

            “I was just going,” you took a breath, “if you had a condom because as much as I love this teasing and pleasing thing,” you looked down, cheeks bright red. “I really need you,” you looked up at him through your lashes and he nodded, eyes wide from you’re wanting, never seeing this side of you before.

            He leaned down, smashing his lips onto yours as his hands reached under your thighs, picking you up as he walked to the bathroom, his lips still pressed to yours. When he pushed the door open, he placed you on the counter and opened the cabinet, his lips never leaving yours. Your hand reached his neck as the other was in his soft hair, pulling him closer.

            You could hear him throwing things across the bathroom before he finally found the box he was looking for and sloppily found one before picking you back up and moving back to his bed.

             Midway out of the doorway, he pressed you up against the door, grinding himself into your crotch, making you cry out, as he nipped at your neck. When he finally dropped you on the bed, the two of you sloppily removed each other’s clothes before he, (struggled,) slid the condom on and pushed into you, making you squeal in pain.

            “Oh my god, this was a bad idea, this was, should I take it out? Should I,”

            “Stiles! Shuddup and stop moving,” you whimpered and he frowned, pecking your lips in apology. After a while of adjusting, you finally told Stiles to move and he let out a grunt as he felt you clench around him.

            “God, babe, you feel so good,” he groaned as he rolled his hips, pushing himself further in you, making you scream in pleasure as he hit your spot.

            “Oh god, Stiles, just like that, oh god, I’m so close,” you whimpered out as that knot in your stomach returned and that only made Stiles go faster and deeper, the two of you going over the edge at the same time. He gave a few more sloppy thrusts before pulling out of you and pulling you onto his chest, pecking your forehead.

            “I think we should do that more often,” you said honestly and he grinned stupidly.

            “I love you so much,” he laughed and you joined him, cuddling for the rest of the day, the research long forgotten.

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